Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dining Room Difficulties

I love dining rooms.  They often have so much elegance and beauty, but I feel like they are frequently the formal room of the house that is never used, except for holidays and other special occasions.  When I was growing up, we never ever used our dining room.  If I had a beautiful dining space, I think I would try to use it a lot more than just on special occassions.  Why let such a beautiful space in the house go to waste?

I feel like I will have a lot of trouble decorating my future dining room.  There are so many different styles of furniture made for them, and I love so many different styles.  I have a huge file of dining rooms I love saved on my computer, and each time I flip through them I am amazed with the different styles.  However, I seem to love each style more than the next...I'll never be able to choose!  (good thing I've got some time before I've got a dining room of my own to decorate...)

Check out this pretty room.  I love the simplicity yet it definitely has an elegant feel.

There is one thing I am certain will be in my future dining room...a big beautiful chandelier!

Image via DecorPad

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