Monday, July 26, 2010


Its already Sunday night, where has the weekend gone?! :( I ended up not being able to move this weekend, which was terribly disappointing. The person who lived in the apartment before us ended up leaving for Cali accidentally bringing the keys with him, and they couldn't get new keys made in time for us to be in or has all been a bit of a mess. I can move in this week, but I won't really be able to until Friday because of work. Maybe Thursday if I'm lucky. AND the lease on my old apartment ends this Saturday, which means I literally have 2 days to be completely out. Its going to be chaotic to say the least.
Luckily, it was nice enough outside today for me to finally get some of my projects done. I have a pile of stuff that needed to be spray painted, but I haven't been able to work on any of it because of this dang heat! So i spent a few hours today getting a good amount of it done. Pictures frames, drawer pulls, lamp: check. Still needing another coat or two are some black frames and my bar car, which I'm beyond excited about. Pictures of everything to come when they are moved into their new home. Also got to work sanding down a chair that I'm going to be repainting and a few mirrors that I had previously painted about a year ago and am now repainting to match my new room. Finished the day with the last and final coat on my new nightstand and on the drawers of the desk. PHEW!
I got an unexpected phone call from the lady that I babysit for saying that she decided last minute to take tomorrow and Thursday off of work, so I only have to work two days this week! Woohoo!! This seriously made my whole week. And now I'm off to make a list of things I need to get done this week before moving day and before mom's party. Why does everything have to happen at the same time?!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

My oh my, where is summer going? Time is flying, can you believe that it is already halfway through July? I for one can't! I have three very big dates coming up:
1. M-Day: Moving Day!! Which should be this Friday (July 23rd)
2. B-Day: My 21st birthday FINALLY! August 14th
3. P-Day: Mom's Surprise Party! August 21st (I have too much to do!)

So as you can see, I have a lot of things on my plate right now, and moving and my mom's party are taking up a lot of my free time. Note to anyone who is trying to throw someone in their family a surprise is so difficult!! I keep wanting to mention something about it to her, and catch myself at the very last minute. Doesn't help that she is the nosiest person on the face of the planet, so I have to be very careful what I'm working on when she is around. Anyways...I finally finished the invites and I wanted to show them to yall because I absolutely love them.

I made these using my Cricut machine, which was honestly one of the best gifts I've ever received, I use it for so much! They took me forever (seriously weeks) to make, but I'm thrilled with the way they turned out. I would show you a picture of the inside, but I'm honestly too lazy to blur out my address, phone number, and all that other good stuff. But on the inside in hot pink paper it reads...

The gals of the sixties were glamorous we know,
But no one compares to the star of our show!
Please join us as we celebrate Pam's 50th Surprise Party!!
Then goes on to list the date, time, place, etc. etc.

So anyways, stay tuned as party planning and moving get kicked up into full gear! My room is basically a disaster of boxes and bags that I am hoping to finally have out of here this weekend, it is driving me insane! I've also been working on and finishing up a ton of DIY projects this week, so I have lots of fun pictures to show. Hope you all had a great weekend, I'm off to finish addressing invitations before bed! Goodnight!!

Monday, July 12, 2010


Why oh why is it so hard for me to stay on top of blogging during the summer? I keep trying to remember because I have all these great projects right now that I want to share, but I keep avoiding it. Bad me. But anyways...I seriously have about 20 different DIY projects going on right now, and I have pictures and things to share. I've only just completed the first one, and it was probably the easiest of them all!! Some of them are as simple as a few coats of paint to a frame or something, while some are complete furniture redo's, which have shown to be quite time consuming!! I signed a lease for my new apartment for next year, and should be moving in in 2 weeks. YIKES!! That means I have a lot to do before then. I'm planning on uploading a ton of pictures from my camera to the computer tonight (I've even been avoiding that...I'm terrible lately) so hopefully I will have pictures and stories to share soon!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I'm not sure how long this deal is lasting, but I came across it today and it is pretty fab, so I thought I'd share with yall. Hearst magazines has a holiday special on some of their magazines right now, allowing you to get a year subscription for only $5!! Included in this deal is House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Country Home, and more!! You can order as many as you want for only $5 per magazine. Enjoy!!