Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Wishing you and your family and all of your loved ones a beautiful, healthy, joyful Christmas.  Christmas is one of my favorite days of the year because I so enjoy spending this magical day surrounded by my family.  There is always plenty of food, drinks, smiles, and love that fills the house.  I hope your Christmas day is wonderful!!

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Simple Christmas Decorations

If you're having company this holiday weekend and suddenly realized that your house isn't as festive as you would like, here are some easy Christmas decorations that can turn your house into a Christmas wonderland.
Using some branches found outside and a large vase, arrange your Christmas cards tied with ribbon to make a card tree.  This unique display will be sure to have your guests talking.
Add colorful ornaments to glass cloches.  This is so cute, and instantly can make any room festive.  These can be found all over thrift stores.
Tie wreaths with large bows and hang from ribbon to make a festive holiday chandelier.
Hang mistletoe...and be prepared to pucker up :)
Use some thick ribbon as a backing, and then thin ribbon on top, to make these cute Christmas card holders.  These would like great on any door.
Add cranberries to a clear glass vase of white flowers.  Stunning, and instantly festive.
Decorate inside with garland on the windows.  Pinecones add a fun touch.
Add some evergreen to your candle stick holders before inserting the candles.  How simple, and cute, is this?  Just make sure your candles are stable before lighting them.
Dip some pinecones into gold paint and tie with ribbon to form a bundle.

Are you all decorated and ready for the holiday weekend?

Images via Martha Stewart

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Tables

Setting a festive holiday table can be tricky, especially if you are on a budget.  With so many other expenses around the holiday time, nobody wants to spend huge amounts of money on their Christmas centerpieces.  I found a few beautiful ideas that you could easily modify for a fabulous Christmas table, without having to break the bank.
Wrap some packages, tie with a big ribbon, and add a few ornaments.  These packages are covered in moss and brown paper, but I think any pretty wrapped packages would look great.
You know how much I love silver, particularly mercury glass.  This seems to be all the rage this season, and I see it everywhere at a variety of places.  Add some greenery and some silver ornaments, and you've got yourself a wonderfully in-style table.
I feel like this is traditional Christmas.  Greens and red, candles, pinecones, and cranberries.  Its beautiful.  Check out the cute bundle of cinnamon sticks serving as a name card.  Love it!
I think this would be SO cute for a kids table!
You can never go wrong with a green centerpiece for Christmas.  And this one is simple, but totally beautiful.  Pair with a black tablecloth for a really dramatic look.
Again, mercury glass + greenery= can't go wrong.  I like the layers on this table.
I think this is absolutely stunning.  And feels so wintery.  Its perfect.
Fill some hurricane glasses with candles and surround with pretty ornaments.  This is simple, but looks really beautiful when all put together.

What is your favorite way to decorate your Christmas dinner table?

All images via HGTV


Sorry I've disappeared around here lately.  With Christmas flying upon us, I've been busy shopping, wrapping, working, and trying to get everything prepared.  I have been so busy and so caught up in everything that I feel like I haven't had a chance to relax and enjoy this holiday season.  But seeing this beautiful image reminds me of how wonderful this season truly can be.  So here's to hoping that your gifts are bought and wrapped, menu is planned, house is decorated, cookies are baked, etc. so that you and your family can have a wonderful Christmas weekend :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

EdenFantasys:Last-Minute Holiday Shopping

With Christmas less than two weeks away, are you finished with your holiday shopping?  If not, you should check out EdenFantasys for some of your last-minute needs.  EdenFantasys is an adult retailer that carries a wide variety of products, ranging from lingerie to sex toys, massage oils to beauty products.  Seriously, they have something for everyone.  Plus, they offer free shipping on all orders over $59, and a free gift with every single purchase.  Shipping is completely discrete too, so you don't have to worry about who might see the shipping label on the package.  Its fantastic.  

I figured since they have a huge variety of products and you may be pressed for time, I'd summarize with some of my favorite products I've purchased over the past year.  Maybe you'll get some great ideas for gifts.
The heart warmer massager.  You bend that silver disk inside, and the entire massager gets super warm.  Use it for a wonderfully relaxing massage, and when your done, just boil it in water and reuse it next time.  It is seriously amazing, and has a fantastic price.
The devine toy box pink corset storage container.  This cute little box can hold all of your toys, massagers, or anything else you want to store.  I love the cute pink color and the lock is nice to keep out unwanted hands.
The stretch lace corset.  This is super cute on, and fits fabulously.  There are no wires, making it actually fairly comfortable to wear.
The shunga massage candle.  This candle smells fabulous, melts wonderfully and has a wax that feels divine.  You won't be disappointed.

Check out EdenFantasys for all of your last minute shopping.  They are offering some fabulous discounts right now with up to 30% of your total purchase, and are offering free shipping on all orders over $25.  Can't beat these wonderful deals!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dining in Luxury

Is this dining room not completely GORGEOUS?  I love the mix of the white with the dark browns and golds, and the fun pops of color with the blue lamps and the red bowl.  I could definitely picture myself serving Christmas dinner in this beautiful room.

Image via DecorPad

Friday, December 9, 2011

Sweet Dreams

I'm taking a little break from all the Christmas posts today to show you this beautiful bedroom that I am totally drooling over.
Do you just love it as much as I do?  Love the headboard, love the subtle print on the walls...the chandelier is fabulous, and those chairs are beautiful!! It is just a perfect bedroom.  The big window lets in lots of light, and makes it so inviting!  Perfection.

Image via DecorPad

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Wreaths

Martha Stewart is the queen of Christmas decorations (and all other decorations for that matter).  I was recently looking through her photo collection of Christmas wreaths, and there were so many great ideas! I just had to share them with you, because some were beautiful ideas that I had never thought of.
Red wreaths and some simple garland on the stairs.  This is unexpected but I totally love it.
An oval wreath.  I feel like this changes the whole a wonderful way.
I like the stepwise effect of this wreath.  First the fake snow, then add the berries, then a big bow.
A moss wreath.  I love the brighter green against the crisp white door.
Gold :) I love the star accents
A pretty cranberry wreath with some long draped ribbon.  Very pretty against the mirror.
Triple the wreaths! I LOVE this idea against a front door.  I also totally love the color of that door.  And the large lanterns are pretty fabulous too.
A beautiful wreath out of gold balls.  This would like great in any color.
White paper doilies and some white lights make a beautiful, original wreath.

Tell me...which is your favorite idea?

All images via Martha Stewart

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

White Christmas

...and I'm not referring to snow!
Isn't this Christmas tree beautiful?  I love the garland in the background, and the silver and white ornaments look so elegant.  I just love it.

Image via Martha Stewart

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Wreaths

Of course, we all have traditional evergreens wreaths around Christmastime.  But there are so many unique ideas you can do to personalize your wreath.  Never have a plain evergreen wreath again!
Buy a Styrofoam wreath, and glue round red ornaments to it.  Actually, you could use any color you desired.  One color with different sheens looks pretty, but a mix of colors would be beautiful as well.  Add some pretty ribbon, hang, and enjoy :)
Add a feather boa to a light wreath for a contemporary twist.
I love the little accents added to this wreath.  They chose owls...but you could add any little animals or trinkets!
Use old sheet music to create a unique, beautiful wreath.  You could even print music online and simply age the paper a little bit.  Inexpensive but so festive.  A big ribbon would look great too.
The more ribbons, the better.  Hang some ribbons down below the wreath for some festive color.
Like I can never go wrong with silver or gold :)
Stick with a traditional wreath, and add some beautiful brown feathers! I LOVE this!

All images via HGTV