Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Wreaths

Martha Stewart is the queen of Christmas decorations (and all other decorations for that matter).  I was recently looking through her photo collection of Christmas wreaths, and there were so many great ideas! I just had to share them with you, because some were beautiful ideas that I had never thought of.
Red wreaths and some simple garland on the stairs.  This is unexpected but I totally love it.
An oval wreath.  I feel like this changes the whole a wonderful way.
I like the stepwise effect of this wreath.  First the fake snow, then add the berries, then a big bow.
A moss wreath.  I love the brighter green against the crisp white door.
Gold :) I love the star accents
A pretty cranberry wreath with some long draped ribbon.  Very pretty against the mirror.
Triple the wreaths! I LOVE this idea against a front door.  I also totally love the color of that door.  And the large lanterns are pretty fabulous too.
A beautiful wreath out of gold balls.  This would like great in any color.
White paper doilies and some white lights make a beautiful, original wreath.

Tell me...which is your favorite idea?

All images via Martha Stewart

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