Sunday, December 19, 2010

Guess Who's Back!

Why hello there lovies!  I'm back!  I can't believe I have let things get away from me for so long.  The end of the school semester was crazy, I felt swamped all the time, so blogging just sort of fell off the list.  But now, it is winter break...and I have three more weeks free of school.  Woo!  Then one more semester and I'm an official college graduate!

Who can believe Christmas is just 6 days away?! I for one can't, but I am beyond excited!  I think I'm completely done Christmas shopping, just waiting for a few more packages to arrive.  Everything I have has been wrapped and is either hidden in my room or sitting under the tree.  My aunt and uncle are coming in for Christmas this year, and I'm so excited, because we haven't had Christmas with them in like 12+ years.  

This week I'm going to do a bunch of holiday related posts.  Starting today with some pretty gift wrapping.  I happen to love wrapping presents, but I know so many people hate it.  
Here is a DIY wrapping idea.  Use your own stamps on plain paper to make some pretty paper.  Cheaper than buying your own for these little packages, but looks so beautiful!
This is cloth wrapping.  I have seen a lot of people complaining because wrapping paper seems like such a waste, when they are trying to live so greenly.  This is the perfect way to use leftover cloth you may have.  Definitely original!
Pretty huh?  Guess you will never believe what it is.  Potato chip bags!! No, I'm not kidding.  According to the website, cut along the seam of the bag, wash out with soap and water, and allow to airdry.  Then wrap, with the inside of the bag towards the outside.  Bet you would surprise someone to see they just removed a chip bag, especially when it looks so pretty!

This is beyond perfect for those of you with little kiddies.  Let them have fun and be creative, and you use their creations as wrapping!  How excited would they be to give Grandma a present wrapped in their own artwork.  I love this idea so much!

Well...I have been finding these from Martha Stewart and there are tons more creative, beautiful options.  Check them out if you're looking for new creative ways to wrap up your presents!