Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pretty Decor

Easter is quickly approaching (although not quick enough for my chocolate cravings to be satisfied) and here is some pretty Easter decorations I've come across

I love all the pretty blues. Makes everything feel so spring-like and peaceful.

Perfect for your Easter desert table. I love those bunny cutouts on the candy bags! So cute!

And these are some of the prettiest dyed eggs I've been. Maybe I'll actually color some this weekend.

So for the next few days, I'm left dreaming of chocolate until I can actually eat some again. Hopefully the Easter bunny brings me something good :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fact or Fiction?

It was shared with me yesterday a rumor that my favorite favorite favorite movie of all going to be remade into 3D. So of course this got me all excited, and I just was doing some searching to see if this is actually true. So fact or fiction?

According to an article published on March 12, James Cameron said to USA today that they are targeting for the release of Titanic in 3D to be released in spring of 2012, the 100th year anniversary of the sinking of the ship.

I keep looking, and I do believe this is TRUE!! Which makes today a wonderful day, and I cannot wait until it comes out. Seriously, I would buy my ticket now if I could. I sort of have an unhealthy obsession with this movie. So for now...we must wait until 2012! :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sweet Dreams

Time to curl up in bed, watched my missed episode of Gossip Girl from last week, and fall asleep. Another full day tomorrow. I wish I had these pretty ruffled sheets from anthropologie to go to sleep on...they sure look like they would give you some good dreams. Goodnight yall!

Back to School

Because school is back in action and I am left completely unwilling to do any schoolwork, I decided to look at some pretty home office spaces for some inspiration.

I love secretary desks, they are absolutely beautiful. And I love the bright pinks and yellows with the white.

Pretty red and white with plenty of organization

I love love love the white and turquoise blue!! So clean feeling...this reminds me of a beach.

I love the mix of dark and white woods.

Again, I love all the organization this space offers.
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Pretty in pink

I love this one! Love the black and white, love the wallpaper, love the punch of green...
Images via

And now I should probably get to work in my own very un-inspiring desk and actually get something productive done tonight.

Perfect Cluch

I came across DavieandChiyo's Esty shop, and completely fell in love. They sell customized bridal clutches, but if you ask me, they are clutches that are perfect for any occasion!! I'm seriously debating ordering one, but I'm not sure which one to choose, I love them all! Here are some of my favorites

So feminine but so classy!! I really love the bright pink and the black and white one. I have some serious debating to do if I'm going to actually purchase one!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pretty Little Things

So I ended up having wonderful luck at HomeGoods on Friday and came home with a couple of lucky buys. Of course I found a ton more that I wanted...but had to hold off.

These are my favorite purchase of the day, I have been wanting some so badly! I have seen very similar candlestick holders at Anthropologie, but at $10 for the tallest one, these were a much better deal. I wanted more with smaller squares like the tall one, but it was the only one left, so I decided to do a little mix and matching. Now I need some bright pink candles...I think I have seen some at Ikea before? But I can't really remember.

This is one of the best smelling candles ever, I don't even remember where I bought if from, but it is delicious. My whole room smells without even it even being lit. It needed a little plate to sit on, and I found this beauty on clearance for $3.00. I love everything about it, and it is now the perfect home for my yummy candle.

Some new things for the desk. I had originally planned on having the Eiffel tower go somewhere on the bookshelves, but its too tall! I'm not sure I like it on the desk, I still have some rearranging to do, but its Sunday and spring break is its time to head back to school. But I love that pink vase, I need to get some flowers to put in. I'm thinking gerber daisies (my favorite) but I'm not sure. And that little pen holder has the prettiest broken glass design down the side, I didn't really get a good picture of it though. I think it was originally a toothbrush holder and somebody pulled the top part of it off because all the other ones I saw were like that, and it was on clearance. All the better for me!

Picture of the desk with its pretty new decorations. I can't believe its already Sunday...I'm heading back to school in a few hours after dinner with the mother and the boyfriend.

Shower in Style

I want this shower curtain from Anthropologie. Its so pretty! Perfect to give your bathroom a classy, soft feminine touch.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I have been seeing images of some fabulous pink rooms lately. Thought I'd share some of my favorites!

I seriously love everything about this room. I love pink and brown together, love the chairs and the brown couch, and especially love the ottoman. Take this room into my house please!

Fit for a queen! I am seriously loving these pink and brown printed chairs. If I can find one in pink and black it may just have to come home with me for my own bedroom!

That chandlier is just massive. I like the subtle pink mixed with the cold and the dated wood. Elegant, without being too overbearing for a dining room.

Apparently, this is the "Red Room" of the White House sometime during the 1960s. Red room turned pink room, perhaps.

I'll take this bathroom any day. It had all my favorite things...the color pink, claw footed tubs, and a chandelier in the bathroom. Yes please...

Label Lust

I have been hunting for a pair of nude heels lately, and have been largely unsuccssful. Until today, I found a Christian Louboutin that I love love love. Too bad the $995 price tag makes them slightly out of my reach. Two more pairs that I love, costing $925 and $1095 respectively...

And so the hunt continues...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Since the weather outside has been less than desirable this spring break, I spent a lot of the day yesterday giving my bedroom a good spring cleaning. And since it is now so sparkling clean, I decided to share a few pictures with you. So without further clean room:

View from the doorway.

One of my favorite coat rack turned purse holder. I have to admit, its looking pretty sad and lonely now, seeing as most of my bags are at my apartment downtown. But when I come home for the summer, and the bags come home with me, I will have to post another picture so you can see it in all its glory.

My desk. I must tell you that I hate that little black shelf, but it is necessary for holding my printer and some movies during the summer. However, I'm thinking of painting it white this summer, so at least it matches the rest of the room.

I love the built-ins that we had done. I think they finish off my room perfectly, and give my plenty of storage space. And I just adore my "headboard," I think it gives it a princess feel. And the pink wall adds the perfect punch of color!

Close up of both bookshelves...

Dresser. Fairly needs some sprucing up. But I love that old chair. It is actually from an old ice cream parlor, I love the heart in the back of it. We pained it a light pink, and it had the perfect dated look. I'm looking for a small pillow or something to put on it, because it usually ends up collecting junk that I put down as I walk in my room. Here's another close-up:

My sad only window. My room is actually in the basement of the house, so this is all the sunlight I get. But I love these curtains, and its hard to tell but there is some pretty lace hanging over to hide the ugly fire escape. And I like the flowers and picture frame to give it a more feminine feel and to cover up the rocks that are in the bottom of the window.

And finally...the bathroom:

Simple and clean, but I like it.

And that is all for my room...I'm planning on make a stop at HomeGoods later because I bored with some of my decorations. We'll see what I find!! Hope you enjoyed the room.


What a perfect way to store and organize jewelry! Maybe this summer if I can clear an entire drawer to devote to this cause, I will have turn this image into life. I love the bright colors of the teacups and saucers, you could find these for cheap anywhere. I have been searching for a good way to organize all mine, and I think I have found the winner!


Lingerie inspired umbrellas?! yes please!! I'll take any of them, except the one on the bottom left corner. I first thought the one in the upper right was my favorite, but the more I look, the more I'm not sure. As rainy season approaches...I'll take all three!

Image via

Happy Friday

Its Friday!! Unfortuantely for me that means that school is resuming in just two short days, but I'm sure everyone else is glad for the weekend.

But please...where the heck is spring? We were able to enjoy some warm sunny weather a few weeks ago, but now it is cold, windy, and grey. Come back sun and warm weather, please!!

Kitchen Lust...

Swap the white island out for a dark wood one for contrast and this would be my dream kitchen. Oh...and add a farmhouse sink. To die for...

Printed Chairs

I'm totally obsessed with bright, printed chairs lately. I want I want I want. I was walking on Michigan Ave. a few weeks ago and saw this one at Crate & Barrel and fell in love. I'm really loving grey and yellow lately, and I love the punch of blue in this one.

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