Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fact or Fiction?

It was shared with me yesterday a rumor that my favorite favorite favorite movie of all time...Titanic...is going to be remade into 3D. So of course this got me all excited, and I just was doing some searching to see if this is actually true. So fact or fiction?

According to an article published on March 12, James Cameron said to USA today that they are targeting for the release of Titanic in 3D to be released in spring of 2012, the 100th year anniversary of the sinking of the ship.

I keep looking, and I do believe this is TRUE!! Which makes today a wonderful day, and I cannot wait until it comes out. Seriously, I would buy my ticket now if I could. I sort of have an unhealthy obsession with this movie. So for now...we must wait until 2012! :)

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