Wednesday, November 30, 2011

EdenFantasys: Destination Holiday Shopping

I just know you have heard of EdenFantasys by now right?  If not, you must be living under a rock.  EdenFantasys is your one-stop shop for all of your adult needs.  They seriously carry everything, from lingerie to candles, sex toys to videos...they've got it all!  Plus, they always have products on sale, they offer free shipping on all orders over $59, and offer a free gift with every purchase!  

This year, consider EdenFantasys for some of your holiday shopping.  They recently added a fabulous line of beauty and bath products, and now they even carry makeup!  I was intrigued by the latest editions to their beauty and bath products, so I have ordered a few for myself.  Here are the things I am dying to try.
Whipped body creme in honeysuckle grapefruit.  That scent sounds amazing!  They also have an almond coconut flavor that I bet is delish as well.
Walnut sugar scrub.  I love body scrubs, so this sounds fabulous!
Peppermint lip balm...yummy!

I love how cute all the packaging is on these products as well!  It matches my bathroom perfectly, and I think it would be so cute to have a little tray of all these products out for use.  

Wouldn't these products make a great little Christmas gift?  I always like to have extra lotions and stuff on hand for an unexpected holiday guest because they make a cute and easy present.  This year, check out EdenFantasys for some special people on your Christmas list.  Whether you are looking for something for your best friend or a special Christmas surprise for your man, you're sure to find something you'll love!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Tis the Season

Sorry I disappeared for a few days! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, delicious food, and a lot to be thankful for!  We had a great Thanksgiving over here...minus the fact that my mom got the stomach flu that morning and couldn't make it to Thanksgiving dinner.  And now...let the Christmas season begin!  It seems like the world lit up overnight with Christmas lights.  We have put our Christmas tree up and will be working on the rest of the decorations this week.  So exciting!

Over the next month I will be posting tons of Christmas decoration ideas for you to feast your eyes upon.  Maybe you'll find a new idea that will be just perfect for you!  Tonight...lets start with Christmas mantels.
Simple lighted garland and a strand of ornaments.  Some simple decorations on top behind the garland add a special touch of magic.  I love using silver or gold.
Use a chalkboard and add a fun Christmas saying.  Below, simple garland is all that is necessary.
Stockings hung by silver holders.  I love how all the stockings are basically the same, but each has something unique.
Go rustic.  Green garland, red berries, white lights, and some brown and gold look so traditional and elegant.
Add some lighted garland with some big ornaments.  I love the "Believe" banner across the fireplace.  You could get so creative.
Again, use ornaments with a saying across the fireplace.  I love the silver and hold decorations against the white fireplace.  
A mini tree and some nutcrackers with candles is cute and festive.
I love the reds and greens! The poinsettias add a fabulous touch of color!

Tell me...what do you add to your fireplace?  Stockings?  Or some other tradition that you have developed?

All images via HGTV

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Grey Powder Room

LOVE this powder room!! I love the grey walls...and what a fabulous mirror that goes down below the sink.  Such a great idea.  And the patterns on the floor tile just truly make this room one of a kind.  You could add so many pops of color for all the different holidays and the seasons, it could be just fabulous!!

Image via DecorPad

Just a Few More Tables

Need a few more last minute table ideas for Thanksgiving?  Remember, you can change the whole atmosphere of your holiday just by the table settings.  Whether you want it to be casual, formal, rustic, chic, or something can totally set the atmosphere with your table.  Here are a final few ideas I'm loving:
Indian corn, small pumpkins, and gourds in a pretty glass dish.  This is an easy yet festive centerpiece.
Use pears for place card holders.
I LOVE these! So elegant!
Cut mini pumpkins and use them for candlestick holders! So cute!

Okay...I'm done with Thanksgiving tables.  I hope you have found something you love :)

All images via Martha Stewart

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Table, cont.

I've got a few more beautiful Thanksgiving dinner tables to show you, in case you were still looking for a few last minutes ideas to dress up your Thanksgiving holiday.  A lot of you probably spent the day today shopping for food if you're hosting this year, or cleaning the house...or a little of both!  The day is almost here!
I love a rich purple color for fall.  Plus, it looks great with all the fall gourds, and gives the table a touch of drama.
Use some pumpkins, twine, and some newspaper or old book pages to create unique name holders.
Reds, oranges, and golds are all beautiful fall colors.  Add a flower arrangement for a beautiful, easy centerpiece.
Browns are another beautiful fall color.  Just make sure you have a good balance of lights and darks.
Place mini pumpkins on candlesticks for an unexpected surprise.
Use some leaves, and different patterns on the dishes.  Simple, easy, and elegant.
Add some height to your table with a tall centerpiece.  Sticks with beautiful leaves are easy, cheap, and disposable!

Do you do anything special for your Thanksgiving dinner table?

Images via HGTV

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wine Cart

Oh my god.  Pottery Barn you have done it again, I am completely drooling over this beautiful Trieste Wine Storage Table.  It is unreal how beautiful this table is.  Would this not make absolutely the perfect addition for your upcoming holiday party?  Sigh...complete perfection.

Too bad the $2,000+ price tag means this beauty will not be making an appearance into my household any time soon.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Set the Table for the Holidays

For any holiday party, the way you set your table can really make a dramatic impact on the room, and on the overall feel of the party.  Make your guests feel extra special this year and really wow them with your table.  Here are some great examples.
Use old sheet music for a placemat.  I think this looks beautiful against all the silver, white, and green.  It would be cute if you used Christmas-themed music.
A bundle of cinnamon sticks wrapped in some twine and a rustic ornament make this table feel personalized and elegant.
Silver, silver, and more silver.  Bring it out for the holidays.  Let your table sparkle and shine.
Add in some antique blue for a fun Christmas table.  I love silver and blue together.
Keep it rustic with some evergreen, and add lots of browns.  
Add some drama with a large centerpiece filled with brightly colored and differently textured ornaments.  A simple candle in the middle will make it elegant.
Wrap a surprise gift for each guest.  It could be something as simple as dinner mints or chocolate.  Its the thought that counts.
Use ornaments as place card holders.  Simple and festive.

All images via HGTV

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Time to sing my praises to EdenFantasys again.  You've visited this site by now, right?  If are seriously missing out!!  EdenFantasys is a wonderful online adult shop that carries something for everyone.  Whether you are looking for sex toys, lingerie, massagers, or other products...they've got something that is right up your alley!  Plus, they offer free shipping on all orders over $59, and a free gift with every single order.  I promise you...its fabulous!

I have a lot of favorite products from EdenFantasys.  One think that I ordered recently ordered is the Devine top box pink corset.
Isn't it so cute?  It is a great little box to store any of your toys, or for any other products as well.  I personally keep some different massage oils and candles in this box, but it would be great to store many other things as well.  It comes with a cute little lock and key, and although I wouldn't say it is the most secure box ever, it does the trick for the most part.  They have a whole bunch of other boxes and storage options as well, which can be great for storing your vibrators, dildos, and other products.

So check out EdenFantasys today, I promise will not be disappointed!  

Happy shopping :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Get Ready for Fall

Thinking about Thanksgiving already?  It is already just right around the corner, and decorating is certainly on my mind.  We basically skipped the Halloween decorations this year, but would like to transform our house with some fall colors before the Christmas decor goes up!  Check out some of these great ideas:
Add spray-painted pinecones to the tops of lamps for a simple splash of fall.
I just love this cornucopia table setting with the white pumpkins and yellow and gold colors. 
Add some dried corn and ribbon to the door for a welcoming fall entry.
Add pumpkins, gourds, and some straw to your empty planters and window boxes.  Simple and cheerful.
Hollow out some gourds and fill with flowers.  They make for some cute fall vases.
Add cranberries to your Thanksgiving flower vases.

What do you do to decorate for Thanksgiving?

All images via Martha Stewart