Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Since the weather outside has been less than desirable this spring break, I spent a lot of the day yesterday giving my bedroom a good spring cleaning. And since it is now so sparkling clean, I decided to share a few pictures with you. So without further clean room:

View from the doorway.

One of my favorite coat rack turned purse holder. I have to admit, its looking pretty sad and lonely now, seeing as most of my bags are at my apartment downtown. But when I come home for the summer, and the bags come home with me, I will have to post another picture so you can see it in all its glory.

My desk. I must tell you that I hate that little black shelf, but it is necessary for holding my printer and some movies during the summer. However, I'm thinking of painting it white this summer, so at least it matches the rest of the room.

I love the built-ins that we had done. I think they finish off my room perfectly, and give my plenty of storage space. And I just adore my "headboard," I think it gives it a princess feel. And the pink wall adds the perfect punch of color!

Close up of both bookshelves...

Dresser. Fairly needs some sprucing up. But I love that old chair. It is actually from an old ice cream parlor, I love the heart in the back of it. We pained it a light pink, and it had the perfect dated look. I'm looking for a small pillow or something to put on it, because it usually ends up collecting junk that I put down as I walk in my room. Here's another close-up:

My sad only window. My room is actually in the basement of the house, so this is all the sunlight I get. But I love these curtains, and its hard to tell but there is some pretty lace hanging over to hide the ugly fire escape. And I like the flowers and picture frame to give it a more feminine feel and to cover up the rocks that are in the bottom of the window.

And finally...the bathroom:

Simple and clean, but I like it.

And that is all for my room...I'm planning on make a stop at HomeGoods later because I bored with some of my decorations. We'll see what I find!! Hope you enjoyed the room.

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