Monday, March 15, 2010

Bathrooms Galore

Does anyone love this bathroom as much as I do? I was doing some random browsing on the internet tonight and came across this fun little room. I'm totally loving the bathtub shape, although it does look a little uncomfortable for a soaking tub. And I love the little pink and white floating toilet. Dare I say that it is almost dainty...?

I found this picture randomly on an interior design website while searching for something completely unrelated, but I decided to take a look around on their website for a while, and came across some other fun things. Although the designs are much more contemporary than my taste, I think they are very unique.

I have to say I'm shocked by these sinks. Don't think I've ever seen sinks that are so unique. I would love to see what those faucets look like while they're running.

Another cool faucet.

Bathroom or science lab? I'm not so sure at the moment...

And lastly, how would you feel about taking a bath in an all-glass bathtub? Slight scary...

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