Friday, December 23, 2011

Simple Christmas Decorations

If you're having company this holiday weekend and suddenly realized that your house isn't as festive as you would like, here are some easy Christmas decorations that can turn your house into a Christmas wonderland.
Using some branches found outside and a large vase, arrange your Christmas cards tied with ribbon to make a card tree.  This unique display will be sure to have your guests talking.
Add colorful ornaments to glass cloches.  This is so cute, and instantly can make any room festive.  These can be found all over thrift stores.
Tie wreaths with large bows and hang from ribbon to make a festive holiday chandelier.
Hang mistletoe...and be prepared to pucker up :)
Use some thick ribbon as a backing, and then thin ribbon on top, to make these cute Christmas card holders.  These would like great on any door.
Add cranberries to a clear glass vase of white flowers.  Stunning, and instantly festive.
Decorate inside with garland on the windows.  Pinecones add a fun touch.
Add some evergreen to your candle stick holders before inserting the candles.  How simple, and cute, is this?  Just make sure your candles are stable before lighting them.
Dip some pinecones into gold paint and tie with ribbon to form a bundle.

Are you all decorated and ready for the holiday weekend?

Images via Martha Stewart

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