Monday, May 23, 2011

Desk Organization

I am still on an organizing kick(but unfortunately, not much organizing is actually getting done).  Maybe because I am supposed to be studying for the nursing licensure exam everyday, I would rather spend my time organizing, tossing things I don't need anymore, and get my life back together.  Martha Stewart has some great desk organization that I am lusting over.

I love the stacked boxes to offer organization for a drawer-less desk.  Plus all the containers for pencils, notecards, and other miscellaneous knick knacks offer bonus storage that is very eye-appealing.

The boxes look like simple bodes from Ikea, but they offer the ultimate organization for all your papers and random things.  These shelves are actually covered in wallpaper, which is an amazing idea to turn cheap boring shelves into personalized works of art!

Magazine holders covered in wallpaper.  Makes them look beautiful sitting next to one another in the bookshelf.

Check out more cheap organization ideas from Martha Stewart

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