Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Decorations

Are you ready for Easter?  I certainly am!  This year for Lent, I decided to give up not one...but three things! All sweets, chips, and pop!  Its been difficult, and I am so ready to sink my teeth into something sweet.  Besides the end of Lent, I always look forward to the Easter season.  It is the beginning of spring, a wonderful time of faith and celebration, and a great day with the family.  Although we don't do much to decorate for this holiday, there certainly are some cute decorations.  Check out some of these cuties:
Cute string of egg garland above a mantle.  This could be hung anywhere, and I think it looks so cute.  I love the bright colors of the is another one of my favorite things about Easter!

How cute is this for an outdoor table?  Tie some plastic weighed eggs around the corners of a tablecloth for weights to keep the cloth down, and to add some festiveness to the table!

Bunny garland! Of course, I love it over the super cute sweet table as well.  How cute are those bunny bags?

Pretty use of greenery as a decoration.  Of course, I doubt those chocolate bunnies would last long in anybody's house.

Spruce up your boring candles!  These could be used all spring and summer long, not just for Easter.

Don't forget to add some chicks to your decoration.  I think these little chickies are so cute.

Make a beautiful table for your Easter brunch.  Tulips are the perfect Easter flower, and they come in a wide variety of festive colors.  

Use some branches and add some beautiful flowers and some feathered birds.  This is definitely an eye-catching decoration.

How do you decorate for Easter?  Stay tuned tomorrow for some more festive decor!

All images via Martha Stewart

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