Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bathrooms Galore

You know me and my love of bathrooms.  I think there are so many varieties in bathrooms, which is funny because it really is such a standard room.  But these varieties can make the bathrooms amazing, and they should definitely not be a room that is forgotten about!
I love the large tub that is placed in the corner of this bathroom, allowing there to be a separate shower and tub.  I also like the square sink.  And of course, a chandelier in any room is perfect for me!

I love the use of wallpaper in this bathroom.  And the vase with the long branches and flowers makes a great decorate accent!

Love the sink with the baskets underneath.  And that tub is fabulous, along with the tiles along the wall.  Beautiful.

Love that deep tub! And the vanity makes the perfect place to get ready :)

Would you not love to take a shower or a bath and stare out at that view?  How would you ever leave.

Love the shape of that bench.  Its fabulous.

The zebra mirror in this bathroom is the perfect accent! 

ADORE that wallpaper! Love love love!  And the gold sink is amazing :)

Brick on the walls in a bathroom?  Soo great! This bathroom looks amazing, and seems to have a great view as well!  Considering my bathroom is windowless, this makes me very jealous.

How big is this space that you are able to have a full-sized island in the middle.  The step up where the tub is really accents that area of the bathroom.

I love all the different bathroom counters that people use now.  This one is particularly eye-catching.

A mix of dark wood and white....heaven in my book :)

Which is your favorite bathroom?

All images via HGTV

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