Saturday, April 21, 2012

Design Crush: Sarah Richardson

Are you an HGTV addict?  I certainly is one of my absolute favorite channels to watch.  I love the different design shows and the variety of designs they feature.  It is a great way to learn about new styles, and find what you do and do not like.  There are a variety of designers featured, and there are some that I completely love.  One of my favorite designers on HGTV is Sarah Richardson.  Her designs are beautiful, and each room leaves me drooling.  She combines old and new, expensive and cheap, to make absolutely stunning rooms.  Here are some of my favorites:
I love this bathroom! The stripes in the tiling of the shower are such a unique detail.  I also love the free-standing deep bathtub.  The details are stunning.

I love the use of the different patterns and textures in this family room.  Such a cute collection of accessories...the whole room looks warm and inviting.

How cute is this nursery?  I LOVE that polka-dot chair.  I feel like you don't often see polka dots in a nursery, but it is such a fun pattern in such a room.  I love the details like the letters of the alphabet around the top of the room.  Who says a nursery can't be elegant and classy?

Love grey! Love the headboard, love the pillows, love the ottomans at the foot of the bed.  

This is across from a bed.  The design on the mirror is beautiful, and I love the shape of the chairs flanking either side of the dresser.  The chandelier is a nice touch as well :)

LOVE this bathroom! I love the style of the sink, and the mirror is just amazing!  Details such as flowers in the bathroom are always a cute unexpected touch.

How great is this?  The mix of patterns works wonderfully, and I love the contrast of the green and black and white.  The yellow flowers also add a great pop of color.

Again, more green mixed with black and white.  I love the overstuffed chair.  It looks like such a perfect place to curl up with a good book.

Another fabulous nursery! I really love the chairs she uses in nurseries, the patterns on them are so fun and unique.  The red crib really makes it the highlight of the bedroom.  And the reds and yellows really make it gender neutral.

I'm loving the pairing of green and white together.  That color combination makes a room feel bright and cheerful, without feeling too crisp and clean.  Adding plants is a perfect way to tie in the green with other pops of colors, and lets face it...who doesn't love fresh greenery?

This dining room is to die for.  I love the wallpaper mixed with the painted walls.  I adore the pattern on the front of the chair and on the cushions, while the pattern on the back of the chairs is so unexcited and fun.  The mirror is fabulous, and the use of the various patterns all flow so well!  I have a hard time combining patterns like this, but I think it looks so beautiful!

Is this bedroom not amazing?  Seriously...I'm in love.

Another fabulous room that has a great mix of patterns.  The rug is so fun, and I love all the different details used.

More combination of patterns.  Seriously, is she not amazing?  I would never pick these patterns to go together, but they really look fabulous all paired together.

If you had a rooftop deck/balcony like this, would you ever be able to leave?  The aqua color used for the chairs is the perfect color for a beachy retreat.

Amazing outdoor dining area.  Blue and white are such great costal colors, and really look great against the natural greenery of the outdoors.  White furniture looks awesome as well, because it keeps everything bright and airy.

Are you in love?  Which of her designs is your favorite?

All images via HGTV

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