Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kitchen Tiles

Tiled kitchen backsplashes offer a wonderful opportunity to add some design pizzaz into the kitchen.  With all the different options available, you are sure to find something that is perfect for your space and style.  Of course, it is often an expensive addition, so the tiles must be very carefully chosen.  Here are some fabulous kitchen backsplashes that I just adore.
I love the use of subway tiles in the kitchen.  They are clean, classic, and traditional, and they really are beautiful.  In a beautiful clean kitchen, they make the room for crisp and clean.

Such a fun little accent on the wall above the stove.  I have also seen this done above a sink, and I think it really looks fabulous.  The multiple different styles used here looks beautiful.

I LOVE these beautiful shiny stainless steel small square tiles.  That is a lot of "s"'s, but seriously...do you not love this?

The use of a variety of different tiles fitted together like a puzzle really looks beautiful and unique.  I love the colors in these tiles.  But not making it all the way up the wall, the different colors do not become overwhelming.  This also allows you to splurge on some more expensive tiles, since you don't have to cover the whole wall.

I love the vertical tiles in this kitchen.  Definitely gives some visual interest, and I love the clean lines.  Very appealing.

More stainless steel tiles.  Love them!

I love these beautiful glass tiles.  Using accent tiles when you can is a definite yes in my book.

I surprisingly really love these beautiful blue tiles.  They are thin, have some shine to them, but the color really looks beautiful.  I normally am not into blue, but these really stand out!

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