Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Closets Galore

The biggest thing I struggle with in organization is my closet.  I have a decent sized reach-in closet, but there never seems to be enough space.  I have too many clothes that I have to pack in and so it makes it a very tight space, and then I struggle with what to do.  I feel like I am constantly reorganizing, shuffling, and trying to make things fit.  I end up frustrated, and it never gets fixed.  Check out these two great reach-in closets.
I love the use of the shelves for the shoes, the multiple rods at different heights for hanging clothes, and the shelf/cabinet/drawers for delicates and other things.  This makes the closet look so much bigger, and so well organized!

Another fabulously organized closet.  It is so visually appealing, even when the doors aren't closed.  I would love to have a closet that looks this pretty.

And because I always love to dream about beautiful walk in closets, here is some delicious eye candy:
Beautiful, no?  Not a lot of space, but I'm guessing on the other side of this camera there is a whole lot more of beautiful organization!

Does this closet not make your jaw hit the floor and drool pour out?  Seriously?! AMAZING!

Images via HGTV

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