Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Weight Loss

One more "About Me" post to share...what really got me motivated to start running and getting fit.

Like I said in the previous posts, I have always struggled with my weight, and I initially started working out to drop a few pounds.
Christmas Day. feeling huge.

Since January, when I first started working out, I have dropped a total of 26 pounds.  26 freaking pounds.  I have managed to bring my BMI from the "overweight" category down to "normal."-I'm hovering around a BMI of 23 right now.  I initially had set a goal on my Wii Fit of losing 25 pounds by June, and as of last week, I achieved my goal.  Wee!

I would like to lose another 10 or so pounds, and bring my BMI down to slightly lower than 22.  I think that with all the running I'm doing, I should get pretty close.  I had been dropping about 1-2 pounds per week until about the past week, where I've seem to hit a bit of a standstill, and actually gone up about 2 pounds.  I'm attributing some of it to muscle building, and trying not to become fixated on the numbers.  I'm sure a few more pounds will drop in time.

However, I feel amazing right now! I no longer look in the mirror, or look down at myself and see a tub of lard looking back at me.  I've noticeably shrunk, and it has given me a boost in self-confidence that I desperately needed.  My bra size has dropped by at least an entire cup (I really should go get myself measured), I went from a L/XL in shirts to a size M, and went from a size 12/31 to a size 6/28.  Thats cutting my pants size in half (and I tried on a pair of shorts I bought recently and may even be closer to a 4).  To me, thats the most incredible.
Easter Sunday

Looking at that picture compared to the picture at Christmas, I can definitely see some changes.  And I really must say, I feel great!  I want to keep doing a weigh in, keeping myself motivated to drop these last few pounds I'm hanging on to!  Join me, and share with me your weight loss story!

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