Friday, August 5, 2011

Posh Dining

Its no secret that pink is my favorite color.  Other than white and grey...which aren't exactly colors.  :) But anyways, I love seeing pink in a room.  Although it does make some rooms uber-feminine, it gives other rooms a perfect class and posh feel.  Like this beautiful dining room.
Gorgeous, isn't it?  Those pink chairs are to die for.  I also love how the turquoise vase was added for an extra pop of color.  The mirrored table it is sitting on is also stunning.

Quick update on my life...I officially moved out of my old place last weekend and moved into my new place on Monday.  I have been unable to be at the new place all week until today, so I came back today to a tornado of furniture, boxes, suitcases, etc.  I've spent all day unpacking, trying to find a new place for everything, and trying to get settled.  The family room and kitchen have made major strides.  The bedroom...not so much.  Wish me luck as a continue the huge task of unpacking!


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