Saturday, August 27, 2011

Candice Olsen-Kitchen Extraordinare!

If you've been following my blog for any length of time, then you probably know that I just love Candice Olsen.  She is undoubtedly my favorite TV designer...and probably one of my favorites overall.  I just love her sense of style, and her mix of glam with totally usable space.  

And her kitchens just make me drool.  I was going through some saved emails today, and one with a whole collection of her kitchens caught my eye.  And of course, so did these stunning kitchens.
Great use of space in an oddly shaped kitchen.  And I LOVE the double farmhouse sink.
Aren't those table settings fabulous?  I've been needing to get some square place settings.  Good think I have a Crate and Barrel gift certificate burning a hole sitting in my wallet.
I like the setup of this space.  Its obviously not huge, yet I like how it is divided into a separate eating space.  Sometimes, I think that an actual dining table is on its way out these days, which is sad.  Islands are becoming widely popular, and while they are is not great to replace those family meals around a table.
Open concept beauty.  I really do love the theory of an open concept design, but I don't know if I could handle it forever.  Hmm...
I love the cute little decorations that make this kitchen so homey.  Like that cute silverware holder.  And I love the detailed island leg.
I love white.  And I really love how it opens straight into the dining room.  
This beauty is pretty darn close to my dream kitchen.  Except mine would have a farmhouse sink.
Again, pretty close to perfection.  The only thing I would change is the floors.  Other tan that, I LOVE! Check out that range stove :)
I remember this episode, and I believe it is this one where I really was drooling over the place settings.  But they never show a good, up-close view of them.
Now that is a great island.  People can eat on 2 sides-so it almost imitates eating around an actual table!
Another open concept.  In white.  With a dark island.  Tres beautiful.

Tell me...what is one thing you want in your dream kitchen?

All images via HGTV

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