Monday, August 22, 2011

HGTV Dream Home Bathrooms

Now, if you are an HGTV fanatic like I am, you know all about the HGTV Dream Home.  I was just browsing through some of the best bathrooms from past Dream Homes, and if these don't make you want to draw up a bubble bath and spend the afternoon soaking in a tub, I don't know what will!
I love the open glass shower next to the soaking tub.  Plus, the light wooden floors contribute to a very relaxed, peaceful atmosphere.
These cabinets are so intricate that for a second, I thought they belonged in a kitchen.  This bathroom looks HUGE, and I love the tub perched in front of the big window.  
Open concept bathroom?  Only for the most luxurious, spa-like atmosphere.
All the cabinet space would allow for the ultimately organized bathroom.  And you all know organization makes me smile.
Such a pretty soaking tub.  And check out that gorgeous view outside!

All images via HGTV

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