Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Flood

Well...I've been a bit absent around here lately, and let me share with you why.  On Friday night/Saturday morning, the area in Illinois where I live experienced by largest amount of rain in the shortest amount of time since they have started keeping track of rainfall.  Which was a long time ago.  I'm not exactly sure how long it rained, but we got 7 inches.  SEVEN INCHES! That is a ton.  And this is the result:
View from the stairway into the basement.
The TV area.
My poor, poor bedroom.

Our power went out that night about 2:00 am, so we were scrambling around in the pitch black trying to rescue what we could from downstairs.  Let me tell you...not fun.  But I must say, I'm pretty impressed with the flash on my camera.

So now, we are left with tons and tons of work and recovery.  I'll post more pictures within the next few days so you can see more of the devastation we are facing.  Keeps us in your prayers please.  We're going to need them.

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