Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bathroom Luxury

I feel like I frequently post about bathrooms, but they really can be such a beautiful place within the home.  Often times, they are overlooked, as a place you only pop in and out of, but in reality, that is far from true.  Bathrooms offer a place to relax, a place where you can soak in the tub uninterrupted for hours or the perfect place in the morning to get ready for the day.  I love huge master bathrooms, and I hope one day I am fortunate enough to have a large space of my own.
I love the glass and all the blue hues.  This looks like the ultimate place for relaxation.
Such great storage for a small bathroom.  Even in a large space, this is great to add cute little decorations.  Definitely adds to the spa-like atmosphere.
Light green with dark colors is always another relaxing atmosphere.  I love that huge tub!
A bit cluttered, but so beautiful! I love the large black and white pictures in the gold frame.  
Such a great storage idea for small bathrooms again.  Free-floating shelves are a great idea!
Holy huge.  And beautiful.  I'd never leave.
A fireplace in the bathroom would be so nice for cold Chicago winters.  You could soak in that huge tub, and not be freezing when you get out.  

All images via HGTV

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