Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Its time for another post about my favorite online shop, EdenFantasys.  If you haven't checked out the site before, EdenFantasys is an online shop that carries all of your adult needs.  Seriously...this site is awesome! They have something for everyone, and tons of great offers.  They have amazing sales, free shipping on all orders over $59, and the shipping is very quick and discrete.  You can get a free gift with every purchase, and right now, they are offering your choice of 5 different gifts! How awesome is that?

One thing that I've been dying to get from EdenFantasys is the Devine playchest, which is a super cute chest for storing all of your toys and other accessories.  It seems like the perfect size, and offers great storage!  The only thing I'm waiting for is the black chest to be back in stock, and then it will be mine! cute is that?

Another thing I love about EdenFantasys is that they display product reviews and comments from real people right on the products page, so you can hear what others had to say about your potential purchase. For instance, people have said this chest is great for storage, but that the lock isn't really a strong lock.  For me, that would be okay, but for others, this wouldn't be the right storage option for them.  Its great to read real reviews from real people!

So check out EdenFantasys today, I guarantee will not be disappointed!

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