Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Juneathon 2012: Day 6

Day 6...almost one week in!  I'm so glad I decided to do Juneathon this year because it is really helping me stay motivated to at least do something every day, especially since I fell out of my habits due to my injury.  I start physical therapy tomorrow, so I'm sure I'll have an interesting report on how that goes.  I'm nervous but kind of excited, I'm really hoping it helps me feel less stiff. 

The Workout
20 minutes on the elliptical-I had some time to kill before spin class because you have to get there early to get a number in order to get a bike, so I decided to hop on the elliptical.  I did it very slowly and at very low resistance, but even with this, I was still experiencing some hip pain.  Nothing significant, but it was definitely present.  No running for me anytime soon.

1 hour of spin class-A new instructor to me tonight, and I liked her.  Didn't burn as many calories as I sometimes do, but it was still a great workout that got my heart pumping.

The Eats
Breakfast: Protein Pancakes
Lunch: Fruit Salad with a handful of tortilla chips
Pre-Workout Snack: Chocolate Mint Clif Bar
Dinner: Chipolte Burrito Bowl
I usually don't like to eat out during the week, but one of my coworkers had a burrito bowl today and I couldn't get it out of my head.  So I decided to go ahead and treat myself to one.  It was delicious.

I really need to start taking some pictures to go along with these boring posts.  I'll work on that.

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