Sunday, June 3, 2012

Juneathon 2012: Day 3 & A Rant

So I woke up this morning pumped and ready to roll.  I had a weird day yesterday, where I just felt kinda funky and off all day.  I felt like I had an elephant sitting on my chest, and I would get these weird grip-like pains around my chest on and off.  Strange, and really unappealing.  We did end up going to one of the graduation parties, but I never felt quite right. As a result, I laid off the booze (aka I finished half a Mike's Hard and then quit) but was able to enjoy some good food, delicious desserts, and great company.  It was a fun night, but I was bummed because I drove everyone to the bar and headed home to bed because I couldn't shake those pains.  

Fortunately, I slept well and woke up this morning and the pains were basically gone.  I still feel them a little if I take a deep breath, but nothing at all like yesterday.  So I jumped out of bed, made some breakfast, and did some organizing before heading to the gym.
Suited up and ready to hit the gym.

I got to the gym, rinsed off, and headed to the pool.  Unfortunately, the pool is only 4 lanes, so its small, but its never been a problem.  Today there were 3 lanes taken, so I hopped into the empty lane and started my swim.  A few minutes in, I saw like 2 more people on the pool deck, obviously trying to get in the water.  One guy hopped in my lane and started swimming opposite me.  No big deal.  

As my swim continued, I see this huge group of people come out of both locker rooms and walk towards the pool.  Obviously these were not people looking to work out, as they're standing there in their two pieces and canoodling with their boyfriends.  They all jump in the pool and proceed to freaking stand there.  STAND THERE AND TALK.  And make out, and basically dick around.

Now I'm sorry, but when you see that people are in the pooling swimming laps and obviously trying to work out, don't get in their lane and stand there and talk.  I was furious.  I swam by a few times hoping they would move or start swimming or do something, but no...just standing there and talking.  Showing off their boobs to their boyfriends.

So I leave the pool pissed.  For real?  I'm not one to quit easily on my workouts, but I was not putting up with this.  There are a million other places to sit and really have to do it in the lap pool?  Go sit in the double-decker hot tub with the waterfall.  Or the sauna.  Or the steam room.  Anywhere but in the freaking lanes of the pool who are actually trying to work out.

And its not like I have anywhere else where I can go work out.  The pool is basically my only option at the moment.  AHH!

The Workout:
Swimming for 15 minutes-appx. 1500 meters.  

I'm hoping to be able to go back tonight and get some real swimming in, not this craptastic workout from this morning.  We'll see.

The Eats:
Breakfast: Protein Pancakes
Pre-Workout Snack: Handful of chocolate Cheerios + handful of PB Cheerios
Lunch: Sliced turkey breast + a sliced apple.  I forget how good apples and turkey are together.
Dinner: Zucchini Bites.  I discovered this recipe on Pinterest last week and they are holy-cow delicious.  I'll share my tweaked recipe soon :)

Fingers crossed I'll make it to the gym again later tonight.  I really would like a good workout.

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