Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Outdoor Dreamin'

I don't know how the weather has been by you, but in Chicago this week it has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  Mid 70s and sunny, its been perfect!  Days like these leave me dreaming for some beautiful outdoor spaces where I could have a dinner party, or curl up and read a good book.
I love the backs of the chairs and the cute bright patterns on the cushions!
I love this idea! Perfect for someone who doesn't have a deck of patio.  Create your own, and enjoy an afternoon lounging in the sun!
So great for a dinner party!  The hanging decorations are so cute.
Again, so great for a dinner party.  I love being in the open air, and I think it would be so cute to bring a decorated table that isn't necessarily made for the outdoors.
So cute and cozy! Perfect place to curl up with a class of wine.
So simple yet so beautiful.
Breakfast for two?  Yes please.
Love the swing with the coffee table.  And the white wood makes everything so bright!
If this was my front porch, I would sit out there all day long.  Its perfect.

All images via Martha Stewart

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