Saturday, June 11, 2011

Closets Galore

My closet is the one area of my room I feel I am always struggling with.  Probably like most women are, I have far too many clothes to fit in the space that I have.  I am looking forward to the hopeful day where I will be able to have a huge walk-in closet where everything can fit, and everything has its neat little space.

Due to the fact that I don't have that perfect space yet, I feel like sometimes I obsess over my closet.  Trying to get everything in there so that it is organized, easy to find what I need, but still looks nice.  This my friends is no easy feat.  Check out these beautiful closets (although if I had a closet like these...I may never see the outside world again)
Beautiful pink wallpaper + crystal know I'm all about this space.
Khloe Kardashian's shoe closet as featured in Elle Decor.  Oh...those Louboutins are crying out to me.  So jealous.
I love the grey color.  It makes the bright colored clothes just pop.  And gives the closet an elegant feel.
Holy shoes.  This closet definitely offers a space for all of your knick could find the perfect storage place for everything.
Love me some dark floors and white cabinets.
I love the hanging shoes in this closet.  It reminds me of a shoe store.
This is an Ikea closet...meaning it is affordable...and I love it!
Not a closet...but a beautifully organized vanity.  I love the mirrored glass and the acrylic dividers for jewelry...never lose those earrings or get that necklace tangled again!
And last but not least...Paris Hilton's closet.  Love the mirrored surfaces.

Now that I have some major closet lust...I feel an overhaul coming my way.  I recently have been going through my closets and trying to get rid of things I don't wear or don't need anymore.  I've gotten rid of 3 huge bags recently, and probably could get rid of 1-2 more.

All images via DecorPad

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  1. I love the very first picture! Wish I had the room to do something like this!


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