Monday, May 7, 2012

Getting Started: Products I Love

After joining the gym, I decided I wanted to keep closer track of my calories, and figured out how hard I was really working.  I did some research, and decided there were two products that I really wanted.  First, a heart rate monitor.  Second, a way to track my steps...aka a pedometer.

For the heart rate monitor, I spent a lot of time doing research and trying to decide on the perfect one.  I knew I wanted one that would track my heart rate, calories, and that was waterproof.  Based on reviews, I also knew that I definitely wanted one with a chest strap, because they are supposed to be much more accurate.  I finally decided on Polar FT4 Women's Heart Rate Monitor.

I really love this watch, but in retrospect, I wish that it had a few more features.  However, for my basic workouts in the gym, it is awesome! Your heart rate is easily visible, and you can scroll through to see your heart rate, calories burned, time in the zone, and how long you have been working out.  When you are finished, you get a nice summary that tells you your total calories burned, your min and max heart rate, and how long you were actually in your target heart rate zone.  I found this watch super easy to use, was never bothered by the chest strap, and almost never had any problems getting the watch to track my heart rate.  I would highly recommend this watch to anyone looking for a good monitor.

Besides a heart rate monitor, I wanted to get a pedometer, so I could track just how active I was during the day.  Again, after doing some research, and remembering seeing some reviews on other blogs, I decided to get the FitBit Ultra.
At first, I thought this product was great.  I LOVED it!  I wore it all the time, and I was able to track how many steps I took during the day, how many flights of stairs, and how many calories I burned.  You can also record your sleep, so you see how long you were asleep for, and the quality of sleep that you got.  It all syncs to a website that is fabulously set up.  It tracks your progress, and allows you to add in tons of information.  You add in your weight, BMI, and can even track size measurements.  You can track food intake, log additional really is awesome!

I must say, up until very recently, I loved my FitBit Ulta.  Recently though, it has been giving me big problems.  For some reason, it has stopped syncing to my computer, so I am no longer able to track my progress.  Also, I've realized that while I'm running, the distance is off, so its not actually tracking me that well anythings.  There may be settings I can play with to try and improve that, but since I've already wasted so much time trying (and failing) to get it to sync to my computer, it unfortunately has taken up a spot collecting dust.  This is quite an expensive product to work for such a short amount of time, as now it is basically worthless to me.  I would definitely be careful if you are considering purchasing this product...I don't want the same problems to happen to you.

Do any of you use a pedometer or heart rate monitor?  Any favorites to recommend?

I am not being compensated for this post.  All products were purchased on my own, and my reviews are my own personal opinion.

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