Wednesday, May 16, 2012

And the Verdict Is...

Remember last week how I posted that I was super bummed because I had developed some weird hip pain?  Well, after nearly two weeks of ongoing pain with absolutely zero running/any working out at all...I was still in pain.  A lot of pain.  And I was not happy.

So on my day off of work last week, I called up the orthopedic, booked myself an appointment, and went to see the doc.  Several hours later, after meeting with the doc several times, PT, having an X-ray, an MRI, and maybe a few other crappy things, I was given a diagnosis.

A stress fracture.  In my hip.  Then yesterday I got a call with the final results of my MRI.
A stress fracture.  AND a torn ligament.  All in my hip.
AKA-a lot of pain.
Also AKA: non-weight bearing for several weeks.  Then partial weight bearing for several weeks.  AKA crutches for at least 6 weeks.  And no running for at least 8-10.
Cue me being not happy.  Not happy at all.

I'm supposed to run a halfsie marathon this weekend.  I was so pumped.  Now I can barely limp around.  I may have had a major meltdown or two over the past week.  I am not not not happy.

So if I'm a little absent around here in the coming few weeks.  Pardon me.  Its difficult to talk about working out/staying fit if I'm not working out or staying fit.  Instead, I'm hobbling on crutches and doing a whole lotta sitting.  A whole lot.


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