Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Time for another post about one of my absolute favorite websites...EdenFantasys!  Surely by now you've checked out this fabulous site, if not, you're totally missing out.  EdenFantasys is an online adult retailer that basically sells some of everything, from sex toys to lingerie.  They are constantly adding new products and expanding what they carry, so there are always fun new products to try.  They have tons of other great perks shipping on all orders over $59, free gifts with every order, and tons of great deals and discounts.  Its fabulous.

As I was browsing through their website today, I saw something that caught my eye.  Under the home page, there was a section titled "50 Shades of Grey."  Ummm...hello!  Have you read these books?  I'm currently in the middl of the third book, and I've been hooked.  So of course, I was totally intrigued when I saw this category.  If you've read the book (and probably even if you haven't), you know there is lots of S&M, sex, and more in the book.  Want to create your own 50 Shades?  EdenFantasys totally has the hookup for you:
Silky blindfold.  Perfect for blocking out your vision and heightening all your other senses.
Wrist cuffs.  Reading the book may make you want some of these for your own collection.  Sounds like they can be quite entertaining :)
Massage candle.  Pour the melted wax onto your partner for a romantic massage.

Intrigued?  I figured you would be.  You'll have to check out their other 50 Shades products :) Visit EdenFantasys...and make all of your fantasies come true!!

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