Thursday, September 8, 2011

EdenFantasys Review

Oh EdenFantasys.  Only my favorite online retailer there is.  New to EdenFantasys?  Then let me tell are missing out!  EdenFantasys is an online adult retailer, that basically carries anything under then sun that you can think of.  Toys, lingerie, games, name it, they've got it.  Plus, they offer free shipping on all orders over $59, and a free gift with every purchase.  And don't you worry, shipping is completely discrete, so nobody has to know or even suspect what you're getting behind that cardboard box.

Now, the boyfriend's birthday is coming up this Sunday, so I've been trying to decide what I should order to surprise him.  He's been super busy lately between starting a new job and going back to school, so he's been quite stressed out and tired.  I'm thinking nothing would make him happier than a relaxing massage followed by some fun.  :)

One of my favorite things that EdenFatansys sells is a variety of kits designed for couples.  Sometimes I have a hard time choosing exactly what I want to order, so these kits are perfect.  I just browse through everything they carry, and decide on the best one to make the night perfect.  One thing that I love is the Massage Therapy Kit.  This would be just right to give the bf a relaxing massage, and I love the variety of oils included in the kit.
I would also love to try the Coffret Bling Bling kit, which I think would bring a little spice into the night!  
Sounds like the perfect night to me!  Seriously folks...if you haven't checked out EdenFantasys yet, do not delay!  I won't be disappointed! 

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