Thursday, September 15, 2011

Designer Lust: Sarah Richardson designer crush.  Sarah Richardson.  Familiar with her work?  If you are an HGTV addict like I am, I'm sure you've seen her restoring her beautiful house, and more lately, her summer cottage (at least I think its more lately).  And I mean, every episode leaves me drooling.  Like seriously, drooling.  Her use of color and design are stunning, and she has a creative way of mixing high-end with much more inexpensive design for a room that flows seamlessly and beautifully.  

I'm just going to let these gorgeous photos speak for themselves.

I must comment on this one because i DIE.  Seriously, seriously, seriously...I LOVE it!
This one too...this is a serious future bedroom inspiration.

Beautiful, huh?  I love each picture more every time I see it.
Sorry for the picture overload, but who doesn't love a little design porn on a Thursday afternoon.

Tell me, whats your favorite room?

All images via HGTV

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