Monday, April 12, 2010

Yellow Rooms

With the weather finally getting (and staying) nicer...I've had serious spring fever. I was looking at some beautiful yellow rooms today, because yellow is such a color of spring. I think that yellow rooms look beautiful in a house, they are always so bright and cheery. It is nearly impossible to make yellow feel sad. Here are some of my favorites:

I love the fabric on that yellow chair! This room has a lot of color, but the simple white furniture prevents the color from being too overwhelming. And I like the use of the acrylic coffee tables

Again, the yellow walls with white furniture. Perfect way to tone-down the room so that it is not overwhelming. And of course I love the zebra rug!

Such a bright cheery room to wake up in. I love the hanging light fixture!

I'm fairly certain that is wallpaper being framed with some molding. I love love love this! It looks so pretty against that feminine white couch!

And this one is my favorite of all. I love the light yellow walls with the white furniture, I love the hutch, and I absolutely adore that fabric used to make the drapes and the pillows. What a perfectly designed room!

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