Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dark Blue

In honor of yet another rainy day outside, I thought we could look at some pretty dark blue rooms. The color just seems to match the weather. Not that I'm saying that dark blue rooms are dreary, but the color is just sticking in my mind today.

I like the collection of picture on the wall in this cute little bedroom. And the shudder window covers are the perfect accessory to add some elegance in the room and to give the whole room a brighter feel.

Although I think there is a little too much blue in this room for me, I absolutely love the bedding, especially those gorgeous blue pillows. And I do like the wall color and I believe that the inside of the draping around the bed is the same color blue. Very pretty. I would just have to go with a lighter carpet, probably white.

Helllo pretty! I may switch out the chairs for something a little more elegant, but other than that, I think is room is pretty near perfect. I just love that mirror!

Loving those blue and white stripped chairs!!

What a pretty place to sit back and relax after a long day! I love the pattern on the curtains.

This one may be my favorite yet. I love how everything looks perfectly put together, but doesn't all look super matchy-matchy.

And finally...this pretty little room. I have a serious weakness for mixing dark and white wood together, I think it looks so fabulous!

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  1. Love your white table with dark chairs. I've been looking for a square table. What is the measurements on yours?


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