Sunday, April 18, 2010

Craft Rooms

Its Sunday night already? Where did this weekend go? At least tomorrow is the second to last Monday of class before the semester ends, and my last test tomorrow before finals. I am 17 short days away from sweet summer! Woohoo!

So tonight as I procrastinate my studying...I've been looking at different craft rooms. I have to admit that I completely love scrapbooking, and all the stuff that I have collected is beginning to take over my closet. I practically need another room to organize it. Once I get done with school I have some major catching up to do with my scrapbooks (lets just say I'm about 2 years behind), and I wish I had some pretty rooms like these to work in and to organize all of my stuff!
I like the bright open feeling of this room. Although I think that table would not be enough room to spread out all my scrapbook stuff.

There certainly is enough cabinet space in this room!

So pretty! And I love the two different workspaces if you are working on two different projects at once.

The colors in this room are so bright and cheerful!

I don't think you could ever fall short of inspiration in this room! that it is 10:15 and my studying is clearly going nowhere, I am off to hit the books so this test isn't a complete disaster tomorrow. Goodnight all!

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