Monday, April 18, 2011


Maybe its the freezing cold temperatures Chicago is currently experiencing or the fact that when I woke up there was SNOW on the ground, but I'm in the mood for some pretty spring colors.  

Random yes...but all have a beautiful turquoise that is the focus of the entire room.
Turquoise backsplash.  This would make the perfect summer beach home (which is where I'm basically dying to be at this point in time)
Subtle but beautiful.  I picture this is a little cottage tucked in a picturesque small town (seriously...I'm fantasizing big time today)
I could eat breakfast here every morning and be perfectly content for the rest of my life :)
Bright bold and beautiful
Love the wallpaper, love the couch, love the rug, love the table, love the crown molding
Did I mention I love this room?
That light on the ceiling has me drooling in this room.  And that headboard.
Maybe I should cozy up in here with a good book and hide away from this cold weather.
Definitely would have less of a reason to complain 

Hope you're days been warmer than mine!!

All images via DecorPad

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