Saturday, April 2, 2011

Designer Lust: Elizabeth Carney

Have I found a woman after my own heart.  Elizabeth Carney.  I have seen some of her beautiful rooms before, but never put a name to the design.  And now I have spent the last half hour searching online, and I can't find hardly any information about these beautiful designs.  I was hoping to see more of her work than the few images that keep popping up over and over, because let me tell you, I am in love!!

Hmm...I just did one more search, and I think I hit the jackpot.  Elizabeth Carney, aka Lizzie Carney, from the firm Euro Trash.  Jackpot.  Featured in Country Living...I knew I had seen these beautiful images before.  They are from her house in Jacksonville, IL...a tiny house that she transforms into an absolute masterpiece.  Move me in please!!

 This bedroom is stunning and combines all of my favorite, grey, and crystal chandeliers.  Plus a beautiful headboard.

 She turned the spared bedroom into every girl's dream closet.  With a chandelier

 Basement-converted-dining room-wine cellar.  Chandelier in a basement...
 Turquoise fridge + grey walls?! LOVE! 
cough cough**TWO chandeliers**cough cough

Again, a beautiful mix of pink with black and browns.  A beautiful collection of art on the wall.  Crystal lamps.

I think this may be pretty close to a girl's dream house.  Maybe I'd swap out a few things in the kitchen (you know what I'm thinking...white cabinets & dark wood island), and then I would never leave this dream space again.

All images via Country Living

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  1. I LOVE the turquoise fridge! I'd never be this adventurous but I love that space!


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