Tuesday, October 19, 2010

That Time of Year + Katie Ridder Designs

So that time of year has come again where I literally have no life, and will continue to have no life until the end of the semester.  Ahhh!  I started my pediatric clinical rotation today, and it is so stressful!  I love being around the kiddos, I had the sweetest patient every today, but the paperwork is just so much dang work!  I've been working on peds stuff for the past two nights basically all evening until midnight.  What about my 4 classes?! Ahh!   Anyways, I'm going to hopefully squeeze in some blogging time here and there when I'm not up to my ears in work.

Recently I was looking at some of interior designer Katie Ridder's work...and man, it is beautiful!
 Love the blues and greens.  Plus the eiffel tower on the desk...my fav :)
 I seriously love everything in this room...but those tables are to.die.for.
 Zebra?  Yes please!  Purple?  I'm starting to really like this color for rooms
 What a beautiful way to dress up a day-bed
 Delish!  Love the chairs, and I love that mirror propped on the mantel!  Beautiful
I'm not sure what about this room makes me love it so much...but I think its the curtains.  And the coffee table.  Yes

And now I'm off to work on more paperwork and hmwk.  Hoping to be in bed by 12.  And I have to be up at 530.  Winter break...faster please :)

Check out more of her beautiful work here

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  1. Good luck with all of the work/homework.


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