Saturday, February 18, 2012

Walk-In Luxury

How many of you out there dream of a perfectly organized, beautiful, large walk-in closet?  I know that I certainly do.  I don't have a tiny closet by any means, but it seems that there is never enough room to store all of my clothes, shoes, and accessories.  I feel like I am always out of room, and that I just continue to stuff, stuff, stuff until I can't even see everything I own.  Not efficient.

Check out some of these beautiful closets.  Warning: they will make you jealous.
The bright color makes the space fun, and it would be a great place to experiment with color, since you're really the only one enjoying the space.  I love the mix of the shelves and the closed cabinets, plus the racks to hang things.  The chandelier is an added bonus, of course.
This literally looks like the size of a bedroom.  And the mix of hanging space, shelves, and drawers would allow for everything to have its perfect place.  Ahh...the organization.
I can't tell how large this closet is or what the rest of it looks like, but I can say one thing.  Hello luxury.  You certainly are stunning.
Could you even imagine having a space like this for your closet?  I mean seriously.  I don't think I would ever leave it.
I think this would be my dream closet.  I love white, I love dark hardwood floors, its huge, and could be organized perfectly.  I don't see a single thing wrong or missing from this closet.
Again...organization perfection.  For real.

Which is your favorite space?  Is your closet anything as wonderful as these?

Images via HGTV

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