Monday, February 20, 2012

Beautiful Bedrooms

Do you like your bedroom?  I think bedrooms are an awesome place to decorate, but so many people overlook this space because it is usually not a space for "company."  Parents particularly seem to forget about decorating their bedroom, focusing instead on their children's bedrooms and the other common spaces in the house.  However, your bedroom should be a luxurious place where you can relax and rest, no matter how big or small the room may be.  Check out some of these beautiful bedrooms.
This space looks elegant and luxurious, with clean decorations and everything in its place.  It is welcoming and warm, and would be a nice place to relax.  I love that mirror over the bed.
Hello pretty.  I love the grey and white pattern on the fireplace, and that huge picture of the flowers really makes a statement on the dark walls.  In a room this large, the dark walls really work, and aren't overwhelming at all.
This bedroom is so bright and cheery, it would make it difficult to wake up on the wrong side of the bed.  :)  I love the framed picture being stool on an easel instead of on the wall, because this is cute and makes it look original.

Images via HGTV

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