Thursday, February 16, 2012

Unique Kitchens: On a Budget

Do you ever feel like your kitchen is not a space that you love to be in...that something is missing and need a change?  I think we all feel like that from time to time, and unfortunately, most of us don't have the mega moolah required to do a major kitchen overhaul.  I've been keeping my eye out for some fun, inexpensive kitchen fixes that can really transform your space, all while keeping you on a budget.
Add some shelving, and store some of your beautiful and unique kitchen goods.  If you don't have any, these can be inexpensive found at thrift stores, and you can even find cute things at stores like Target.  Adding just a few decorative pieces like those shown above can really brighten up the room, and I always smile when I see some of my knick-knacks that I love beautifully displayed.
Add some color with a bowl of fruit!  Fruit is beautiful and bright, and if you find a fun bowl and some matching linens/towels, this is a super easy way to add some color to the kitchen.  Plus, you can change it weekly as you eat the fruit.
Add a large (or small) but inexpensive dramatic piece of artwork using wall paper or a piece of fabric.  This can be very inexpensive, so if you tire of it in a few months, it would be an easy change.  You can really get some dramatic looks using this trick.
Again, more shelves for your knick knacks, or some of your prettier kitchen goods.
Replace your chairs/stools, or add a new cushion.  This can be inexpensive, and is an instant change to the entire room.  These red chairs are so fun, and really add a special pop to the room.
More shelving :)
Buy a rug to cover up tiles that you hate, or flooring that you just can't stand to look at anymore.  Rugs can be expensive,  but they certainly are cheaper than replacing the whole floor.

Do you have any inexpensive kitchen pick-me-ups?

All images via HGTV

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