Thursday, February 2, 2012


Do you have a headboard on your bed?  Many people do, but many people don't...and I think that is a huge missed opportunity.  Headboards give you a chance to really bring an extra something into your bedroom, and can be used to add a fun pop of color, an intricate detail, or just be downright pretty.  HGTV has some pretty fabulous headboard ideas I was dying to share with you!
This is only of my favorite bedrooms...and I love the splash of green that comes from the headboard.  It gives this room a perfect pop of color with the black, white, and pink.  Very unexpected.
Another fun pop of color.  Upholstered headboards can be seen all over the place now, and I must agree...they really are fabulous.
Stacking different squares with a fun pattern really brings life to this room.  I love that the headboard is wider than the actual bed.  The pattern really adds a bit of art to the room, without having to hang a painting.
Another pop of color.  Matching pillows to the headboard is a great way to incorporate the color into the overall feel of the bedroom.
I love the height of this headboard.  It works in suck an obviously large room.  In a smaller room, it would probably be overwhelming.  The neutral colors also help to prevent it from being too much of a statement.
Quite the way to add some visual interest.  By making headboards at home, you really have all the options in the world at your fingertips.  You are free to arrange as you want and to let those creative juices flow...allowing you to end up with some really neat results.
I love this room.  It is so peaceful.  I love the large rectangular headboard that is flanked with the vertical hanging lights.  This looks like the perfect place to curl up with a good book as you're drifting off to sleep.
Don't be afraid to experiment with shapes.  This can give you a really dramatic, and elegant, look.
I love how long and narrow the second headboard is.  Layering two headboards is also a great way to add visual interest.
Another double headboard.  By adding the back blue panels, you get some height to the bed, which helps to balance it out against the high ceilings and the huge space.
Slant your headboard! I think this is really unique, and totally changes the feel of the bedroom!
Using a bold pattern that extends all the way to the ceiling is bold, but be careful...make sure your room is large enough so that it doesn't become overwhelming.

So tell you have a headboard on your bed?  Which is your favorite above?

All images via HGTV

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  1. Currently, we don't, but we definitely plan to get one. Actually we're only sleeping on our box spring and mattress right now! When we moved to Florida in November, we sold our queen bed and planned to purchase a king for our new home. We haven't settled on a bed that we love yet! Thank you for this posrt, because it really inspired me to change my bedroom plan. I'm thinking of buying a simple metal platform to put the mattress on and a cute red patterned headboard. INSPIRATION!!!

    KC @ One + One = Four


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