Sunday, January 15, 2012

Getting Organized: Those Annoying Spaces

You know those places I'm talking about...the linen closet, the hall closets and those darn utility closets.  The places that seem to fill with junk so quickly, and are so hard to organize.  Let's check out Martha's great ideas for organizing these difficult places.

When folding extra bedding, fold the fitted sheet, flat sheet, and extra pillowcase, and place everything inside the other pillowcase.  Easy to keep everything for one bedding set together, and simple to see the different sets that you have.  Plus, this is super easy to do, and doesn't require any money.
Use hooks on doors and walls to help clean up your utility closets.  Hanging brooms, mops, dust pans, etc. really clears up floor space, and multiple things can be hung on the back of one door.  
How smart is this?  Make the most of your basement stairs by adding shelving to store excess products on the other side of the basement railing.  Don't forget about that ever-important storage under the stairs as well.
Hang pictures of what is stored inside garment bags.  This prevents you from having to search through bags to find exactly what you're looking for, and also prevents you from forgetting about what you already own.
Store your winter garments in style.  Hats, gloves, scarves etc. should be wrapped in tissue, and can be stored within cute decorate craft boxes.  Attaching little labels makes them easy to be seen, and keeps them protected for the next year.
Keep tools easily accessible by attaching them to the back of a door.  You'll never have to search for that screwdriver or wrench again,
A great way to store your Christmas ornaments.  Buy plastic storage containers, and cut a piece of corrugated cardboard that will easily slide in and out of the boxes.  Glue Styrofoam cups to the cardboard, allowing you to place the layers of cups on top of one another.  Wrap ornaments in a piece of tissue paper (or toilet paper like we do in my house), place in the cup, and wa-la...protected ornament storage!
Placing a deep bench with a lifting lid allows for easy storage of hats, gloves, coats, shoes, etc. when you walk in the house.  Also allows an easy place to sit and put your shoes on as your heading out.
Store excess pain in airtight plastic storage containers.  These stack easily, and are much smaller than keeping bulky paint cans.
Rolling storage bins under benches or shelves in the basement or garage allow easy access to storage.  The possibilities of what to keep in these bins are endless.
Organize your linen closet.  Buy some decorate baskets, and get ready to separate, organize, and beautify.  Don't forget the labels, so you don't forget whats actually inside these cute baskets.
Use hooks to hang umbrellas inside your hall closet.  This allows super easy access, and ensures you won't forget this necessity when the rain begins to fall.
Another way to organize that hall closet.  Get creative with shelving to maximize the space.  Buying some baskets allow you to keep both winter and summer supplies, all while keeping you organized.  Hooks on the door work well for bags or umbrellas.

All images via Martha Stewart

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