Friday, January 13, 2012

Getting Organized: Kitchen

How are you doing on your New Years resolutions this year?  New Years was just one week ago, and so far, I'm staying strong on mine.  One major NYR that many people try to stick to is to get organized.  I consider myself a pretty organized person in general, but I'm always looking for new tips and tricks to maximize my organization potential.  Especially when I seem to have a bit of a shopping problem and have to deal with a mega overflowing closet/dresser.  But moving on....

The queen of all household matters Martha Stewart has some fabulous organization tips for different rooms that I just had to share with you all.  Lets start with the kitchen for today.
How fabulous is this?  A clear acrylic iPad stand makes this a convenient way to store your iPad in the kitchen for easy access to recipes while cooking.  Plus, its relatively inexpensive compared to similar stands.
Hanging your pots, pans, and other large kitchen items such as colanders.  I know some people don't like the look of this (occasionally myself included) because it can look unorganized and messy, but I think in the right kitchen with the right amount of pots and pans, it really looks fabulous.  And it is definitely a major space saver in a kitchen without a lot of cabinet space.
Dedicate shelves to how you need them. Having shelves that are a variety of different heights, and even going in different directions, can allow you to have a kitchen with a custom feel.  Have vertical shelves allow for dividers between things like cookie sheets and serving trays, offering a more convenient storage than keeping them flat.
Make use of different baskets and storage containers so that everything has a spot.  The possibilities for these are endless, and with tags on the baskets that are not easy to see into, you really can make a wonderfully organized kitchen.
This is organized pet food.  But really, you could do this with any human food too, buying glass or plastic storage containers and adding a label.  It looks nice, and keeps you from having a thousand and one different sized bags and containers of food in your pantries.
Add a lazy Susan to your refrigerator.  This is an easy way to keep those commonly used items at close reach.  And then you're not constantly digging for things trying to find them.
Use a collapsable plastic wine rack to store 2 liter bottles of pop.  Keeping them sideways like this saves you a lot of storage room because you don't need as much vertical space to keep them upright.
Create your own shelving.  Buying an inexpensive wire shelf allows your to add tons of room for extra storage in your own fridge, without everything having to be stacked on top of one another.  I also like the idea of keeping all the cheeses in a clear plastic airtight container.
Being a nurse, my heart always goes pitter-patter at a good first aid kit.  If you have the space, devote a kitchen drawer and make a well-organized, and well-stocked first aid drawer.  Then you'll never have to search for things when an accident strikes.
That hanging white and green bag is storage for plastic grocery bags.  Storing them like so makes them easy to find if you need them, and minimizes the space they take up if you are saving them.  
More plastic and glass food storage jars.  I just love how these look.
Get unique in your cabinets.  Pull out shelving makes it easy to see things, and prevents you from having to  dig through cabinets.  And using a peg rack to keep pod lids organized is such genius in my opinion.
Again, adding dowels to cabinets allows for easy storage of some more difficult items.  Cutting boards, cookie sheets, and serving platters are stored easier this way, and in the end actually take up less room.
We really need to do this is my house.  Create labels for plastic bags, and when you toss something into the freezer, label what the food is and when your froze them.  This would be particularly useful with meats in my house, as we are forever trying to distinguish what it what once it has been frozen.

Tell me...what is your favorite kitchen organizing trick?  Do any of the above seem to be the perfect solution you were looking for?

All images via Martha Stewart

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