Saturday, January 14, 2012

Getting Organized: Bedroom/Closet

Day 2 in our mission to get organized.  And today we will work with the bedrooms and closets.  Keeping my bedroom and closet organized is usually hardest for me.  I often have too many things and not nearly enough space for everything, especially in the closet.  This results in me shoving things in places, and constantly being unhappy with how it looks or how difficult it is to find things.  This leads to constant reorganization, until I get frustrated and just do the same thing again and again.  My goal for this year is really going to be to find the best way to organize all my my clothes and accessories.  And maybe get rid of things too...

Anyways, here are some wonderful closet and bedroom storage/organization ideas.
I LOVE this idea...but have nowhere near enough room to due it.  Install some molding to your walls about 1-1.5 feet apart, and use this as a space to display all of your heels, as well as hang clothes out for that day/week.  This is a fabulous way to easily display all your shoes, so you never forget about the pair that gets buried at the bottom of the closet.
Buy/make a shadow box and line it with some pretty paper or fabric.  Use it to store your jewelry.  You could also use these as wonderful places to store things like perfumes.  
Under the bed storage on wheels.  This is such a great idea.  You could store extra blankets/bedding, or store clothes that are for the opposite season.  Being on wheels, it would be easy to pull in and out.
Use a ladder-shelf for a nightstand.  This allows your to maximize the storage in the area next to your bed, and also has a fabulous design element.
Another great way to hang your jewelry.  I love having the dowel rod on the bottom to hang scarves.  Hanging some rope across the door really maximizes the storage space by allowing you to hang all your earring, without really taking up space in the cabinet.
Apply felt to hangers.  This makes for a no-slip grip.  Perfect for hanging dresses, tanks, or shirts with wide necks.
Hang a laundry hamper on the back of a door to maximize floor space.  To ensure that it is always open, use an embroidery hoop.  Easy-peasy.
Acrylic boxes make the perfect storage space for ties, belts, watches, and small accessories that are easily lost.  You could stack them as well, as long as you don't forget about what's underneath.
I've seen this picture all over the blog world, and I think I've posted it on here a time or two, but I love it.  Use old brightly-colored tea cups and saucers for a pretty place to store jewelry.  Earrings can be hung over the edges of the cups, necklaces and bracelets can be laid in the cups or in the saucers...the possibilities are endless!
Install pedboards on closet walls.  This allows for easy instillation of hooks, which can be used to hang belts, scarves, hats, bags, etc.
Safety pin a small piece of fabric on the mattress, easily visible each time you change your sheets.  This is an easy reminder of when you have to flip your mattress.
Use business card pocket holders to store buttons, excess thread, needles, etc. Keeping this in your closet or  dresser allows easy access when you loose a button or have a small tear in an item of clothing.
If you have a closet big enough, make yourself a little dressing area.  You can pick out outfits for the day or for the week, and line up shoes, accessories,etc.  Having wide shelving allows you to store random objects, and gives the area a very elegant, chic feel.
This is such a cool idea.  On the outside, this looks like a basic armoire.  Open it up, and you can have a fabulous little crafting station, desk, etc.  You can simply close your mess when your done, and it keeps everything hidden.
Apply felt anti-scratch pads to hangers for a no-slip grip on pants.
Use wooden dividers on any shelving for neat storage stacks.  You can use this in linen closets to stack towels, sheets, etc. or in your bedroom to shack sweaters, tee-shirts, pants, or whatever else you need.  These are cheap and available any any home store, like Home Depot.

What is the hardest area of your house for you to keep organized? are amazing!! I love all of those storage ideas :) Tune in tomorrow for even more ways to organize your closets.

All images via Martha Stewart

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