Wednesday, January 4, 2012


You have all heard of EdenFantasys by now, right?  The absolutely amazing, adult online retailer, that sells everything from lingerie to sex toys, massage kits to videos...they've got something for everything.  Over the past year, I've seriously come to love EdenFantasys and everything they have to offer, because they seem to have some of the best deals I've ever seen.  They offer free shipping on all orders over $59, shipping is extremely speedy and discrete, and they offer a free gift with every purchase!! How great is that? 

After the craziness of the holidays, I decided to indulge myself and made quite a large purchase from EdenFantasys.  They are having some phenomenal sales right now, with a New Years Clearance of up to 70% off products.  They are currently also offering a free beach towel with any bath and body purchase of over $20, which I took major advantage of.  The beach towels are so cute, and I now have several in my house.

If you want to take advantage of this great offer, here are some products that I ordered that I totally love.
The shaving mirror.  This mirror is such a simple concept, but I can't imagine what I did without it before.  It is great for those difficult-to-see shaving spots, and it also great for checking your face before stepping out of the shower.  I hate getting out of the shower to look in the mirror and find myself with major raccoon eyes.  
Whipped body creme.  I am always hesitant about ordering lotions without trying them first, but after reading the rave reviews, I decided to go ahead and take the plunge.  Boy oh boy am I glad I did.  This leaves your skin feeling fabulous, and smells absolutely wonderful.
Naughty bubbles bubble bath.  I happen to love taking bubble baths to relax and warm up on a cold winter night, and these bubbles make my bath that much greater.  The scent is not overwhelming, and I haven't found the bubbles to be super drying, like some can be.

There are plenty of other fun products included in the deal, but those were some of my favorites.  Be sure to check out EdenFantasys to take advantage of all the amazing deals they have going on right now.  And if you shop fast, you can get 20% off site wide using the code "PLEASURE."  Get shopping now :)

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