Thursday, January 26, 2012

Best Baths of 2011

Every year, thousands of new pictures come out of beautifully designed spaces.  Some of these spaces totally take your breath away, while some you have to look at in do people actually live in those spaces?  Every January, HGTV releases some images of the best rooms of the year before, and I must say, some are absolutely stunning.  Check out some of these beautiful bathrooms:
This space is HUGe, and it is so beautifully decorated.  I love the beautiful crystal wall sconce above the white vanity.  That vanity is also simply stunning.  I love the colors and the overall feel of this bathroom.  Nothing like getting ready in luxury every day.
I love pink and black together.  I think this bathroom is too cute.  One of my favorite parts is actually the flower arrangement above the toilet.  It really stands out and looks fabulous.
I LOVE this amazing bathroom.  It doesn't look huge, but it sure is beautiful.  I love the color of the paint, and the yellow on the chandelier and in the yellow flowers is a great pop of color.  And speaking of genius to hang a chandelier above the bath!  Beautiful.
I love the double shower curtain in this bathroom.  It is so easy to do, but really has a profound effect on how the bath looks.  I love the color block style of the curtains too.
Bathrooms can be a great place to experiment with color.  I love the lime green, which is toned down a bit with the white and black.  Such a fun use of color!
This is a small space that is well designed and looks absolutely beautiful.  The colors are paired wonderfully, and I'm totally drooling over the shower curtain.
How elegant is this?  That bathtub is amazing!! I love the little alcove above the bathtub, which allows placement of some pretty little accessories.  This room is just amazing.
I love how this bathroom uses only a small amount of backsplash, but the small amount really makes a dramatic impression.  This would allow you to use a more expensive tile, since you are only tiling a small area.  

What is your favorite bathroom?  Any colors that you love to see in this room?

All images via HGTV

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