Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wanted: White Dresser

Holy cow...who knew how difficult it would be to find a dresser these days?  So as I told you earlier, when my house flooded in July, we basically lost all of our furniture in the basement.  Which is where my bedroom is.  I need a new bed, dresser, and desk.  I had very nice built-in bookshelves that needed to be replaced on the bottom.  We've made significant progress in the basement...we have walls again, and they are we are waiting for the carpet to be installed!  So now it is time for me to order furniture.

I've already found a desk I love, so basically all I need to find is a dresser.  But finding a dresser is gosh darn impossible.  I don't want to get a very expensive one in case we flood again.  I had a very simple white dresser before that wasn't super expensive, but it held up great and I had it for years.  

I want a taller 5 drawer dresser.  White...easy and simple.  Except not! Everything is either way to expensive, or I'm afraid that it is going to be too cheap.  Whats a girl to do?
This is my front runner right now.  Its from Amazon, has decent reviews, and is the color I want.  I wish there were two knobs on each drawer instead of one, but for the price I can't be too picky I guess.  I wish Ikea had some better dressers, it makes me nervous to order one without seeing it, but I'm out of luck in the stores.

Any other ideas for me?  Have you purchased a somewhat inexpensive dresser online and loved it?  Help!!

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