Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Its that time again...the time where I confess my not-so-secret love to you all about EdenFantasys.  Okay, so by now, you have to have checked out this site, right?  If are seriously missing out!  EdenFantasys is an adult online retailer, selling thousands of items ranging to candles, massagers, lingerie, and some things so X-rated I wouldn't dare talk about them on here.  :)  Prices are extremely competitive, they have a huge selection of products, and have free shipping on all orders over $59.  Shipping is always super fast and completely discrete, and they offer a free gift with every single purchase!  Convinced yet?

Since Halloween is just around the corner, I have been browsing their site for some potential Halloween costumes.  Right now, I have no plans for Halloween so I'm not even sure that I'll be dressing up, but I always have fun looking.  Here are some of my current favorites:
I think these are all so fun...I love all the different options available! They definitely make me want to dress up and do something fun for Halloween, but I have no idea how I'd decide on just one costume to wear!  Check out all of their sexy costumes here.

So check out EdenFantasys...whether you're looking for Halloween costumes, toys, or something to make a night extra special...they've got you covered!

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